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Pool Ball Handled Knife Maker’s Vise, Work Holding Device.


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The Knifemaker’s vise is a Heavy Duty Professional knife holding device. Designed, manufactured and used daily by a full time professional knife maker.


* Full 360 degree rotation.

* Positive locking screws within easy reach.

* Will hold any length blade both horizontally or vertically. Note: A hole must be drilled into the bench for holding long blades vertically.

* Split aramath billiard ball jaws for a very positive “grab” onto the object being held.

* Can be used in a vertical position for handle wrapping and finishing.

* This vise can be bolted directly to your bench, clamped to a table for portable use or held in a bench vise.

* Used pool ball handles for ease of tightening and loosening in any position.

* Can be handed down to future knife makers.

* Used by pool cue, golf club and fishing rod making and repair.


Hello Bob:

Thanks a bunch for your time and trouble…Am certainly looking forward to the arrival of the knifemakers vise. Spent many many hours over the last couple of weeks looking at knifemakers vises on the net and came to the conclusion that yours was the best that was out there…the craftsmanship really shines.

A. Trucks

Hello Bob:

Just a quick line or two to let you know that the knifemakers vise arrived in this mornings mail, in good order and much better than advertised. Could not be happier with my purchase…the craftsmanship and quality are readily apparent. Expect my grandkids will be using it long after I am but a distant memory. This promises to be another big step up for my shop.

Thanks for your time and trouble.

A. Trucks

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know I received my Knife Makers Vise earlier this week. I’ve been giving it a test drive over the past few days, I’m very pleased with it, excellent construction and very well designed. I had to see and use it to really appreciate the quality.


Bobby Tison – Albany, GA


Just wanted to tell you the knife makers vise I bought is the best.


Hi Bob,

Love the knife maker’s vise. That was a great trade we made.

Tim Alverson

Hi Bob,

I love the knife vise I ordered a couple months ago. I have already used it many times and it works great for hand finishing.


Matt Manley


I use your knifemaker’s vise every day in the shop.

Frank Gamble

Hi Bob,

Just a short note to let you know what I think of your knife vise. I purchased one about a year ago and it is becoming the most used accessory in my shop!! Thanks for the great design and a most useful knifemaking tool!!

Best Regards,

Tom Theil, Elizabeth, CO

Hello Bob,

I’m sorry I have not responded before now, but I’ve been busier that a blind hound in a meat house. I’m sure you can relate.

I’ve finally had a chance to work on a few blades and the knife vise is GREAT, better than I expected. I see that you used thick wall pipe and heavy duty materials to make a top notch product. Excellent workmanship! It makes it a pleasure to work on a blade.

Thanks again, and hopefully we’ll cross paths someday.

Mark West

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to say thanks for the knifemakers vise. I mounted it to a heavy aluminum plate, so I can move it around as needed…Love it, one of the slickest knifemaking tools ever… Thanks again.

Ryan MacKenzie

Hi Bob,

I received your knife maker’s vise yesterday and am very impressed with the thoughtful, versatile, well finished and heavy duty construction that your vise presents. Thank you also for sending it so quickly and as well packaged as it was.

Thanks again,

Kurt Zahm


Just received today. Have already set it up. Wish I would have had this knifemaker’s vise 20 years ago when I began making knives.This knife vise is BUILT LIKE A TANK–and so very easy to use. Thank you for providing this great product–Dan Metsker, Overland Park, Kansas USA